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Configure Z170X BIOS F21 Auto Voltage Maximum?


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Configure Z170X BIOS F21 Auto Voltage Maximum?
« on: March 01, 2017, 07:46:50 pm »
I have a GA-Z170X-UD3 with an i7-6700K and BIOS F21.  I am running it with the following OC:

    1-Core Active = 4.7
    2-Core Active = 4.7
    3-Core Active = 4.7
    4-Core Active = 4.6

Leaving all of the voltage settings on Auto with this OC will result in the BIOS boosting the Vcore voltage up to 1.5V when I stress the PC with Prime95. This Vcore voltage will send my core temps up to 100c fairly quickly in Prime95.

If I manually set my Vcore to 1.35V my PC is very stable with this OC and the fully loaded Prime95 temps drop down to the low 70s, which is acceptable. The problem with manually setting 1.35V is the voltage is not adaptive and it does not drop at idle even though the clock speed drops. The result is I see much higher idle temps than I do with adaptive Auto voltage.

Is there a way to leverage Auto voltage for adaptive voltage at idle and set a maximum voltage cap at 1.35V? The best I was able to do was change CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration from Auto to Standard. That dropped my fully loaded voltage to around 1.406V, which dropped my fully loaded temps a bit.

I tried a slightly negative Dynamic Vcore (DVID) setting of -.025V but it resulted in an unstable PC with low to medium stress levels. I believe that setting drops voltage for all stress levels, which is not working out for me. I just want to drop my maximum voltage setting.

FWIW, running the stock clocks (no OC) results in Auto Voltage only boosting my Vcore to around 1.325V when fully stressed in Prime95, which results in much lower core temps.