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Gigabyte @bios software stuck while updating Z270 gaming K3 BIOS

I decided to update my motherboard's BIOS today. Since it is a Gigabyte Z270 Gaming K3 I thought it wise to use the software provided specifically for that purpose, @bios.
I started it up, chose "update from server", picked a server, selected the model (the only one that showed up in the list), made a backup of the current BIOS and started the update.

It seemed to be going well until the screen saying:
"Please wait... Reboot automatically after 10 seconds."
It has been stuck on this screen for nearly 20 minutes now.

Even though it seems I can still use my computer without problems for now, I'm too scared to do anything. Do I manually restart the computer? Do I kill the program with task manager? Do I do something else?
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Re: Gigabyte @bios software stuck while updating Z270 gaming K3 BIOS
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 05:21:40 pm »
This is a somewhat precarious situation.  The update may have occurred and the app may have just hung.  Or, you might have an incomplete flash.  Moving forward, always use Q-Flash.  Its so much safer than @BIOS which because it relies on the internet for content delivery, adds a point of failure to the flashing process.  Good you made a back up.

I would not kill the app, but instead would restart using the start menu > power > restart.  On reboot I would press <Del> to enter BIOS and load set up defaults.  F10 to save.  When the system restarts again, you can enter BIOS and configure settings.  If you get this far, you were lucky.

If not, turn the system off and use the BIOS switches to start from BIOS 2.  I would suggest using ALT+F10 to copy the working BIOS to the chip that has failed or is corrupt.  It is very important that you be completely sure of which BIOS your system is starting from and which BIOS is being copied to avoid total boot failure.
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