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Aero 15x Review

Aero 15x Review
« on: June 17, 2018, 08:17:47 am »

Just got my new Aero 15x a few days ago and thought I'd share my thoughts and a few benchmarks.

First off design and build:
The design is nice, sleek, thin, good I/O and not too "gamey" which, for me at least is a huge positive.
The screen is nice, 1080p 15.6 inch IPS 144hz, so great great viewing angles good colour palette, high ppi and good for gaming with the high refresh rate.

Benchmarks with Temps:
I  benchmarked three games all with their included benchmarks. The games were; Rise of the Tomb Raider, Total War: Attila and Civilization VI

Rise of the Tomb Raider
The Aero 15x ran this title on very high graphics preset(the highest one) at an average of 83.45 FPS with a max cpu temp of 89 degrees and gpu temp of 73 degrees. The GPU would usually just below the max mark and the cpu would hover mid-high 80's.

Total War: Attila
I run this one on both extreme quality and maximum quality (the highest and second highest presets respectively) as this is not optimised well and thought it would be good to see your options at a lower graphics preset.
On extreme quality it got 44.7 fps and had a max cpu temp of 90 degrees and max gpu temp of 73 degrees with cpu average in the mid to high 80's.
On maximum quality it got 51.5 fps with the same max cpu and gpu temps but with avergage cpu temps at low to mid 80's.

Civilization VI
With all graphics on max the benchmark fps average was 83 fps with 89 degrees cpu max and 72 degrees gpu max with average cpu temps in mid 80's.

Overall when actually playing temperatures heat up over time with cpu running in the high 80's to low 90's and gpu mid 70's with their respective maximums at 93 degrees and 79 degrees.

Additional info
When at idle the cpu runs at around 53 degrees and gpu 47 degrees.
So far cpu has run comfortably at 3.9GHz on all cores while gaming and gpu between 1400MHz and 1550MHz.
The fan is also quite loud. For me however I don't find this a problem as I wear headphones when gaming.


Overall this is a great, powerful laptop with my only complaints being the high temps. This however is relatively standard for powerful laptops in a form factor this size and is simple a compromise that must be made if portability and power are musts.

Product is highly recommended.