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GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 - Did switching SATA controller cook my GTX 570 GPU?

Hi GB'ers,

after having a faulty GB mobo I was pleased to have it replaced with the GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3. No problems at all until earlier today. It's a new build and the system is running fine. OS installed and running for several days.

Before I complete the build I did a few things as follows:

Screwed in the blank side panel of case. (Some bulky wiring mess but nothing too bad)
Screwed in the transparent side panel of case and connected the fan.
Changed the SATA connection from the two grey (Marvell) to the first 2 out of the bank of 6 (Z68). (From GSATA to SATA_0/SATA_1)

I then powered on the machine and smelt some smoke. Shortly after that the machine restarted. No further display.

Localised the issue to the GAINWARD GeForce GTX 570. Still slightly smells of smoke.

I know this isn;t a GAINWARD forum, but my question is could the SATA3 VS PCIeX16 issue affect the GPU to the point of cooking it?

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Aussie Allan

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  Although It would be great to blame and claim compensation from the neighbours dog or the Goldfish that was looking at the PC when it happened.

 I think anyone would be hard pressed Blaming Gigabyte for this one......... besides something dropping in the case and shorting out the card, I think it"s a matter of, ... the Vid card Just Died!..........Is RMA of the Video card a problem........... or is the Goldfish Sushi.

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I would have to agree with Allan there. Just because your graphics card decided to go into meltdown is no reason to blame another device. It is always possible the the PSU or local power supply was at fault. There is of course the possiblity of user error if you didn't follow anti-static procedures correctly.
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