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ga-ep35c-ds3r won't overclock


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ga-ep35c-ds3r won't overclock
« on: September 23, 2011, 12:04:48 pm »
I have the above mo/bo with an E8400 CPU and have successfully o/c'd with FSB @400.

I have been trying to do the same to a friend's PC, same CPU & mo/bo but here is what happens.

BIOS settings are the same as mine in the Intelligent tweaker and are saved.
The PC POSTs OK and boots OK but when I look at the CPU speed either in 'My computer' properties or CPUZ it shows the speed as standard 3GHz with a standard FSB of 333.
If I reboot and look at the BIOS settings they show that the FSB is set to 400MHz so that should  be what's reported in Windows.

The rig POSTs OK, no second POST where it resets itself if the o/c is too far out.

I have even flashed the BIOS to F4 but that did not cure the problem.

Can anyone offer any helpful advice?



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Re: ga-ep35c-ds3r won't overclock
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2011, 01:45:37 pm »

 Every board and CPU combo is different...... no two template's are guaranteed to work on another machine and vise versa

  Go to jail, ....go directly to jail, .... do not pass'll just have to do what you did with your mate's machine to effect an overclock.......from the beginning ;)

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