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new retail bios update 9FXAUD33.FDn  and new custom bios modified by me, this bios has not been released offically by gigabyte and is the last known version.

This bios has updates for compatibility with ssd drives and updated drivers .!ArPAPtK-JLCsiIQot0Ka_mOD20Ychw!ArPAPtK-JLCsiIQn2lxmHOdBAGhvVg

Professor I am interested in the FDN version, however I can not download it from the One Drive links. I think they're dead. If possible, could I upload it again to the cloud and share the links?

Thank you.

I don't frequent here very often but here is the link for the fdn version!ArPAPtK-JLCsiIZaJdKKeNhjFqsiwQ
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: questions about M2 NVMe
« Last post by BrianT on June 12, 2018, 11:17:19 am »
Can I jump onto this thread if possible as I'm struggling to get my head around what I can and can't connect to the same MB.
I have a 500gb Evo 960 in M2A and a 1tb Evo 970 in M2D my boot disk is a 250gb ssd in SATA port 5.

Are the other ports now no longer usable and is the boot disk in the right port?

there was a time when this all made sense to me but the grey hair appears to have sucked the life out of my brain!  :-[

Apologies if I shold have started a new post but it did seem relevant
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Windows 10, 64 bit (DCH)
« Last post by duo1 on June 12, 2018, 07:50:23 am »
That explains a lot but the most important thing is not: having a regular computer at home with Windows 10 x64 which drivers should be installed with DCH or without DCH, and if that does not change why Gigabyte placed them separately?
Maybe someone from Gigabyte will speak?
Motherboards with Intel processors / GA 170X G3 CPU i7 8086K support
« Last post by pendaws on June 12, 2018, 06:13:58 am »
With all the reviews and ads about this new CPU, are MBs like G170X going to get a BIOS update to support this? or, will it be only supported by the later G270 and 370 boards? The last BIOS update for the G170 board was March this year.

I have looked at BIOS updates for the G270 and 370 and can't see any? also, there is no NEW listing for CPU support in these newer MBs either.
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Windows 10, 64 bit (DCH)
« Last post by pendaws on June 12, 2018, 06:05:56 am »
I wondered the same thing? mnaybe it is to do with Windows insider?
DCH is a collaboration platform supporting the process of commercial forecasting
Demand Collaboration Hub (DCH) is a collaboration platform that enables all members of your Sales organization, at the various hierarchical levels, to submit, consolidate and validate their periodic commercial forecast. DCH is fully configurable, allowing you to model the workflow and segment the data between users, in relation to their level of responsibility, to configure your editing form, by selecting and publishing the information that are relevant for your sales organization, to enter commercial forecast at various level of aggregation, with automatic splitting of edited quantities to the level of maximum detail. DCH is part of the SO99+ (Service Optimizer 99+) product suite and more specifically it is complementary to its statistical forecasting functionality, since the statistical forecast may be used as a guidance to support the Sales organization to provide more reliable figures. To support mobility, DCH is available on the web or from any mobile device that your Sales organization may adopt
I only received a pm from Meeheehee.

Below the VIA driver. Just execute the setup.exe to install.

Below the Intel driver. Just execute the DPInst64.exe to install. All 3 components (controller, hub and switch) will be installed.

For the Intel drivers all credits go to Fernando from

Good luck.


Hi Andy,

Would you be able to share the drivers with me?
The link is not working anymore.
I hope you're still active in this forum.

Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 Fan Control
« Last post by shadowsports on June 09, 2018, 04:54:26 am »
Very observant of you.  Can you answer my valid question?

There's not a real way to tie case fan RPM to GPU temps.  You could semi achieve this by creating a custom fan curve, or by purchasing a fan controller, but in both situations, case fan RPM would not vary based solely on GPU temps.  Sorry, hope that helps.
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Windows 10, 64 bit (DCH)
« Last post by duo1 on June 08, 2018, 02:32:10 pm »
Does it mean that it does not matter which one will be installed? If so, why did a separate tab appear on DCH?
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Windows 10, 64 bit (DCH)
« Last post by anders on June 08, 2018, 02:13:27 pm »
Moreover, according to the checksum, these drivers are the same as "no DCH" versions..  ???
The forum looked pretty slick when I first visited it.  That was soon after I bought an Aorus 1080Ti Xtreme 11G.  Why did Gigabyte abandon the forum to spam posters?  It was left without any moderator for about a year and just fell into ruin before Gigabyte decided to pull life-support.  Asus has its own problems, but at least it has inculcated a strong community culture around the ROG brand.   Gigabyte appears disinterested in forging the same around the "Aorus" brand. I don't know why Gigabyte management would think killing the Aorus forum is to the company's advantage.
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