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My advice..  if your AppCenter, Easy Tune, (other Gig Apps) etc are working, do not update.  My App Center prompts for upgrade each time I start it, but what I have is working perfectly.  No update = no headaches.

If you do want to upgrade the suite, uninstall everything, restart, then install App Center and those apps you wish to use.  Don't install over the top of the existing install. 
Just scratching the surface based on your description...  Did he update the primary BIOS recently?

Have your tried manually resetting the BIOS..  CLR-CMOS using jumper or switch (if equipped), battery pull, etc, then reset up from scratch.  Replace MB battery as a precaution.

When you had the CPU out, inspect the socket for bent pins.  (unlikely if you can get the system to boot normally with manipulation)

Test the memory using memtest.  If he is using BIOS profiles or aggressive OC settings, stop, remove and test for normal operation.  If resetting the BIOS and setting up again does not correct, you can reflash the main BIOS with the current (same) revision....  or use the ALT+F10 method to flash the primary BIOS from the back up BIOS.   
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: M.2 SSD Compatibility
« Last post by its_tricky83 on July 19, 2017, 03:24:09 pm »
I know this is an old thread but I thought I would chime in considering I have a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 mobo + a Samsung 950 PRO NMVe drive. Now running the latest (so called stable) Mobo BIOS F21.

When I first built my computer back mid-2016 I went around in circles getting the drive to appear in the NVMe Drive list, which is one of the bottom menu options in the peripheral tab of the bios. The only way I could get the drive to appear in that list was if I had CSM set to ENABLED, which is so contradictory to the norm that it is still doing my head in to this day.

Anyway, with CSM set to ENABLED, I installed Windows 10 PRO, ensuring the 950PRO drive was formatted as GPT partition table. Everything booted super quickly.... So then I went into the BIOS again and set CSM to DISABLED, saved and rebooted to the BIOS again and the NVMe drive list was empty. However, Windows 10 is still able to boot but a few noticeable seconds slower.

A year has passed and I've decided to freshly re-install Windows 10 just for kicks. Before I kicked off the install I went into my BIOS. The NVMe list still says NO DRIVES DETECTED, but a full re-install of Windows 10 works without any hassle, GPT and all. The boot times are still faster with CSM ENABLED which still screws with my head.

So all said and done, although everything works, I just wish there was an explanation as to why the NVMe drives don't appear in the NVMe drive list when CSM is DISABLED. It truly pains me!
I can also confirm F7 fixes the issue.


I contacted support through my pre-existing ticket back from when the thread started and they happily provided me the F7 revision for my Z270X Gaming 7 board. With XMP enabled restarting works normally. The board no longer loses power and shuts down during the reboot process.

Glad this issue has finally been addressed. Took a while but appreciate Gigabyte's effort.

Hope they hurry up and release it to the public now.

I updated through QFlash also, much less risky and didn't hang at the end of the flash procedure which happened to me consistently using @bios with every revision update after F4.
Overclocking motherboards with AMD processors / Re: RAM Overclock Gaming K7
« Last post by chriscostax on July 18, 2017, 08:12:41 pm »
The last one available F4, and i just check , the xmp profile 1 actually puts 3200mhz default.
no problem glad to help
Overclocking motherboards with AMD processors / Re: RAM Overclock Gaming K7
« Last post by absic on July 18, 2017, 07:10:36 pm »
With XMP enabled, all the settings for the RAM should be set correctly by default so you shouldn't have to change anything else.

What BIOS version is your motherboard running?
Overclocking motherboards with AMD processors / Re: RAM Overclock Gaming K7
« Last post by chriscostax on July 18, 2017, 06:59:03 pm »
THank you for the answer, i will try to change those settigns on bios to make sure i can screenshot the bios.
The XMP profile when is enable my pc just dont boot, like rebooting every 5 secs... do i need to change voltages with xmp enable?
Hi guys i'm searching everywhere to find a answer to my problem.
I can't overclook the ram without stability problem, if i active the XMP with his default setting the computer boot but the monitor give me "No signal", so i try to run the XMP with the ram speed to 2933 Mhz, the computer booted and all seams fine, but like a stupid child i tried to OC my CPU with the AMD Ryzen master (i already used the program and it never give me problem) but when it tried to overclook the program asked for the first time ever that i need to rebot the make the change. here where starts the problem... the bios setting where all default and i wasn't able to change anything (i changed like the OC of the CPU to 3.8Ghz but the when i was on the desktop the GHz where 3.2.
So i clear the CMOS  (i did it like 8 time) and i was able again to overclook everything, so i seted again the Ram to 2993 and XMP but... the pc after 3-5 minuts shout down, every time, only the time that it remains booted changed,
even if i set all manualy without the XMP i have problem, and if i use 2663 Mhz the pc seams much slower (i tried CEMU and i have like 10-15 fps less on BOTW)so here the problem, i can't overclook the ram without problem.
CPU--Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard--Ag-Ab350 gaming V1 F5 bios
GPU--GTX 1060
RAM--orsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance v4.24 16Gb
And here the error i get if overclook the ram to 2993---

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