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All other GIGABYTE products / Troubleshooting P34 Laptop, battery issue?
« Last post by Rackham00 on Yesterday at 10:12:01 pm »
Hey folks, I'm working on troubleshooting my 16 month old P34. I've had a few issues since I bought it, first my speakers stopped working after 3 months then the wireless card died after 8 months but that was an easy replacement, but now it seems that my battery might be going. At first it would just shut off on me automatically when I started a game and it wasn't plugged in (drawing too much power?) but now it won't every get to the initial windows boot screen before it turns off. Works fine right now when plugged in. Am I correct in thinking that this is a fixable battery issue?
it works now  :)

What is the website link?
it works now  :)
F7 BIOS is up on the UK gigabyte site now for the gaming K7. The only problem is the link is broken lol.

UEFI mode, the windows loader will use the motherboards BIOS logo
Legacy mode, the windows loader will use its own flag.

Regardless of the above, it means both times your setup is freezing at the same point so changing this mode is irrelevant. Freezes during the install may occur due to memory related errors, what are you using / how many memory modules?

Try just 1 stick in dimm slot 2?

Hardware details might help too.

All other GIGABYTE products / Re: Win 10 Boot USB Drive doesn't work
« Last post by dub_d on Yesterday at 08:52:48 am »

#1 - Use a Windows PC to generate the USB Boot Drive - even if the app says you can use it on a mac

#2 - Use a wired keyboard and mouse (for install)

#3 - Don't enable CSM in BIOS (for me anyway)

Did Gigabyte Support send F7 Firmware to you via email?

Because the last update we have on the site is 2017/05/03 ?
Here is the full solution:

It was actually the liquid cooler which stopped working and then broke my CPU. I noticed it by installing a sempron 145 (gave me enough time to look at bios temps) and saw it climbing. Bought a new cooler and CPU chip and now the PC works fine.
Here is a quick update....

I had a friend format my SSD however somehow the Windows Boot Manager is still showing on it.

I also purchased an internal dvd drive and put a copy ofwindows 10 in the disk drive.

However that is still giving me the same results...

If i select 0P: ATAPI iHAS124 B it freezes on the windows logo
If i select UEFI: ATAPI iHAS124 B it freezes on the gigabyte logo
Ok so for people with the same or similar issues. I got a new mobo and the issue persisted (son of a bitch) but then I installed a $60 sempron chip I had laying around and it booted fine. So basically my cpu was s***ting the fan anytime it came under load causing the pc to sometimes boot past certain points and other times just s*** the fan. I don't have time to test the sempron on the other motherboard but I'm sure it would work and I'm too lazy to take the new motherboard out (I also like this one more).

Highly recommend the sabertooth r3.0 for the led displays while booting, seeing the cpu light light up and then immediate shutdown def narrowed it down.
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