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Linked below is a database of modified BIOSes for Gigabyte X58 motherboards patched with the latest microcode (0x1F for Westmere, 0x1D for Bloomfield) against Meltdown and all variants of Spectre. Make sure the operating system is also updated to be fully protected from speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5754).

While most of Nehalem CPUs received a new microcode from Intel, there is an early stepping (C0) that hasn't and therefore still vulnerable at the moment. However, these very few CPUs will also benefit from increased security and stability due to more recent microcode. In addition, the ROMs feature TRIM support for SSDs in RAID0 and extended CPU compatibility table for all motherboards.

Unofficial ROMs! use at your own risk.

Other useful downloads

Some 3DMark and AIDA64 benchmark results are available here.

I normally hang on TechPowerUp, here's the original thread in case you want to report a bug.
Ok some further tests and findings that have been made :

I built another Ryzen machine as a spare , the specs are as follows:
 Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 MB , 
Ryzen 1500X CPU
 Corsair PSU and WD Blue HDD

I put the B-Die flare X RAM inside this machine and guess what? Exactly the same issue , even with everything on default ( except XMP ) the machine will default the CPU to 3.2 with a bios error .

I have tried the sticks individually but have the same problem . I cant understand how both sticks can be faulty but , this is the only commonality with the issue amongst the two machines .

 :o :o :o :o :o
I am having a simmilar issue with the same board but , with a 2700 , after installing a so called ' memory upgrade '

The computer will completely reset the CPU speed to default at every cold boot , unless I run it at stock speed . This only happens when  the enabling XMP profile on the Flare X memory . Does not happen with the Corsair Vengeance Memory - So much for B-Die  :-\

The irony is that if I plough through the Cold boot instability a few times , the computer eventually runs stable  - until the next cold boot .

Really Weird !
Ok I will try again to explain a little more , and add some things I have since tried

Motherboard is a Gigabyte X370 Gaming 7 with latest F.32 bios ( time of writing )
CPU previously clocked up to 4.2 stable with Corsair Vengance LPX  ( 4 x 8GB 2666 rated )  XMP Timings and 2999  Mhz overclock - without issue , after a few bios up dates

New Flare X Ram Installed ( 2 x 8GB ) with XMP profile enabled , on a cold boot  causes the BIOS to reset the CPU speed to default
If I load the default speed x 32 @ 100Mhz ( 3200Mhz )  , the cold boot issue will dissapear and I can run the  3200Mhz at the advertised XMP speed .

I have tested increasing and decreasing all voltages , including :
Lowering and raising CPU 1.2- 1.5 V
Lowering and raising SOC 0.9 - 1.3 V
Lowering and Raising RAM 1.2 - 1.45V
Lowering and Raising related RAM voltages
Lowering and Raising LLC on both SOC and CPU

All of the different power configurations did not make the The cold boot issue go away  for  the following  CPU speeds
3.4 Ghz
3.6 Ghz
3.9 Ghz

Edit: I would like to add , that loosening the RAM timings does prevent the BIOS cold boot clock issue , however this is not a true solution as It defeats the object here .

I really dont understand how a 'more compatible' memory product , can result in much worse performance .  Could this be a board issue , should I upgrade to the X470 , or just return the RAM  and try a different set? 
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Dead Board G1 Sniper M3
« Last post by shadowsports on August 14, 2018, 03:36:43 pm »
Going to be hard if not impossible for you to find an identical replacement.  Its just too old.  You'd have to stumble on one.

I'd plan to reinstall your OS on a replacement.

Make sure the replacement comes with an I/O shield for the back of your case



Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Dead Board G1 Sniper M3
« Last post by Graceman on August 13, 2018, 05:40:34 pm »
It seems that if you want to replace a mothboard you have to replace the Motherboard & CPU I cannot currently find any LGA1155 socket motherboards.

A like for like replacement would be ok as it was quite fast. Any ideas of where I can get a replacement for my G1 sniper M3

I can only find Boards with B75 or H61 chipsets not Z77  No Gigabyte options.
But guys, what exactly does the on board flashing power button mean? 

There's nothing in the manual about this.

Power issue?

Suggest you start a new thread, and not resurrect a 6 yr old post.

Please include your system specs, what led up to the behavior and any troubleshooting steps you performed. 
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Dead Board G1 Sniper M3
« Last post by shadowsports on August 13, 2018, 01:03:34 am »
Yes, that's correct.  You have a socket 1155 CPU. Your options are limited.  Either replace with a board that has a compatible socket, or upgrade your platform. 

Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: Z170Z Gaming 7 Audio Problem
« Last post by Horara FUNN on August 12, 2018, 08:23:59 pm »
A lot of people complaint about sound distortion problem of the said motherboard, I have the same problem too. I did all the things you can think of trying to fix it but no way! ... ... Finally, I did a bold thing and I fix it!!!!

I spread contact cleaner at the codec chip heavily for two times (of course, with all power off and detacted), wait untill it all dried. And it got FIXED!!!! I have the confidence to do it before I don't have the problem for years until suddently it comes up. I tried everytings and it is not likely a hardware or software problem.

Anyway, try it at your own risk. Be sure to off power and wait longer for it to dry.
Motherboards with Intel processors / Re: My motherboard power button is blinking!?
« Last post by Mower on August 12, 2018, 04:04:01 pm »
But guys, what exactly does the on board flashing power button mean? 

There's nothing in the manual about this.
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