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Many factors in play here......

It might also be related to the electronics in the newer display.   

I agree.  Too bad as I'm sure its a beautiful display.  Happy you got it working @ 4k 60.  I'm sure it looks razor sharp.

I purchased a Displayport (v1.2) to HDMI (v2.0) adapter.  This plugged into the displayport socket on my PC and then then one end of a 4K rated HDMI cable was plugged into the other end of the adapter, with the other end of the HDMI cable plugged into the Z38c monitor.

This works and I now get 3840x1600 @ 60Hz.

This is yet another indication that the displayport on the Z38c product does not work correctly, not just on the current monitor I have, but also on the previous 2 monitors I tried, suggesting there is an issue with this product that HP need to investigate.

I say this because when ANYTHING is plugged into the Z38c displayport I get blackouts and horizontal flashing.  This adapter is plugged into my PC displayport and clearly the signal from that works perfectly otherwise I would be getting issues through the HDMI cable also.
Update: I have now figured out how to get my keyboard to work the post screen menus (enabling USB devices in BIOS) but still trying to figure out how to get my pc to boot from the bootable USB stick. I'm wondering if there is a particular USB port to use or should any port work? So far, the ones I have tried don't. And this is after hitting TAB at POST screen and selecting USB as the first boot device.
Okay, many thanks for the heads up on the BIOS.  ;)

I have created a USB Boot device and after successfully hitting F12, the boot option menu comes up okay but with the first one being the default Floppy Disk checked.   The problem then is that I can't move the cursor down to select USB with either my Wireless keyboard, my new USB keyboard, keyboard arrows or my USB keyboard with new PS2 adapter! Its so frustrating.  Not sure if I have anything else to try so if you have any other ideas, please let me know. :)
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Just entered the comp. Not been on ETI web site before and didnt realised that they have more products to choose from.

Seems I have to buy a female USB to PS2 adapter to get my keyboard to operate in the POST bios menus!  :-\
Have ordered one and will report back.

What boot media are you using to install W10?

Did you use the Media Creation Tool?

You don't need to change the boot order in the BIOS to USB
Leave it as your HDD
Then F12 to select your install media.

Seems I have to buy a female USB to PS2 adapter to get my keyboard to operate in the POST bios menus!  :-\
Have ordered one and will report back.
Hi Shadowsports, seems this is going to fight me all the way. :(

I can get into the BIOS on startup okay and select USB-HDD as the boot device but as soon as the POST screen comes up and I select F12 or any of the POST screen options, my wireless or USB wired keyboard fails to move the cursor.

But another issue is that I have created a win 10 boot USB but my PC, having successfully completed POST with a single beep and an FF code in the display, does not boot from the USB.

So I am stuck in a perpetual circle, can't load a new WIN 10 system, can't load or fix the old WIN  one, can't update BIOS, can't select any option including from the POST F12 Boot screen. >:(

Any suggestions? :)
I'm happy to hear my suggestion helped.

At this point, I'd perform a fresh install of your OS.  You have already discovered the problems that can come with cloning a failing disk.

F12 should get you a one time boot menu.  If you can get into BIOS, you should be able to select a boot device (F12).  If you have problems, a wired keyboard should work.  In some cases older BIOS's might not allow a wireless keyboard to work effectively in a pre-boot environment. 

Thanks Shadowsports. It was a pc I built myself for audio work and has served me very well all that time. I have a new one on order but this will still have its use in the studio.

I followed you advice and reset the CMOS and I can now boot to windows  but I get stuck in a circle of repairing and restarting. 

I think my windows 10 is corrupted in both my original hdd as well as its clone. Tomorrow I have a new wired keyboard coming so I can reboot from a usb boot device (for some reason my wireless keyboard doesn’t interact with the f12 boot window so I can’t select boot from USB). If that fails then it very much sounds like a new install.

The good news is that I have very little data on that disk, and what I have got can be copied once I have a working system again or can copy to another pc. Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.
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