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Notebooks and netbooks / Aero 15-X9 Sleep and Screen Off Not Working
« Last post by r3sonant on Today at 05:48:29 am »
I have an Aero 15-X9 and the laptop never auto sleeps or turns off the screen no matter what duration I set.

This only started happening when I rebuilt it last Christmas using the backup drive I created with the Gigabyte software when I got it.

I started fault finding by booting into Safe Mode and the screen turns off fine there, so I disabled everything in the Task Manager Start-up page and then turned them on one by one rebooting after each was enabled (this was, as you might expect, a fairly painful experience).

It turns out if all of these (Gigabyte services) are disabled then the screen times out.


There have been several updates of the Control Centre since I first encountered this issue and I have installed them all but none of them fix the issue.

I have tried Powercfg but it doesn't see any wake locks.

I tried excluding them with powercfg /requestsoverride process but that doesn't work either.

At the moment I have a batch file that stops them all and starts them all and a task in Task Scheduler that is triggered at screen lock and unlock.

This works fine and the screen turns off or the laptop sleeps, but it's a bit of a bodge and slows the unlock process down.

Has anyone else had this issue or know of a fix?


No, devices are connected. When PC waking up - at this time - all devices suddenly disconnect and then immediatelly connect.
The solution to fixing GFX cards causes failure to boot is to enable CSM in the BIOS. Of course if you have the non graphics version chip like I have then this is impossible. Gigabyte could have helped out here. They could detect the F series and over-ride the VGA red LED and allow access to the BIOS.
Yes read that one. The point about the mobo not seeing a screen attached makes sense but it did not solve my issue. Tried different monitors, different cables Dport, HDMI, VGA

I have a new processor arriving tomorrow. It's one with IGPU. Hopefully that will work and give me some evidence of what was faulty.
Motherboards with Intel processors / X99 ud4 rev. 1.0 bios update advice
« Last post by Genesis1 on April 10, 2021, 01:34:23 pm »
I'm currently on f20 but want to swap out my cpu for an e5 2680 v4 cpu. Can I bypass other updates and flash the latest 24c? Or do I have to update in order f22, f23, f24?
I have now tested this in a Z590 Gaming X and I get exactly the same fault. Red LED stuck on VGA, 5 short beeps. This seems to indicate the CPU is faulty.

You could contact Gigabyte and find out what you need to do, or find out whether your retailer can correct the situation for you.

Hope this helps,

Yes I think there is a bent pin in there. I zoomed in with a camera and can see somethings not lined up like the others.

Is this returnable or will Gigabyte say I caused the fault and refuse a return?

Just to add, you might want to use a PSU calculator to see if if you have enough power for your system. See the link below:

Hope this helps,

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